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Continuous Flow Analyzers

Flow Injection Analyzer : Automated Segmented Flow Wet Chemistry Analyzer


Automatic Flow Injection Analyzer :



Water; Wastewater; Surface water; Ground water; Tap water; Drinking   water; Seawater; Brackish water; Ultra-pure water; (semiconductor and power generation) ; soil extracts, fertilizer digests; food stuffs; beverages; tobacco extracts.



 Main Features:  


                FIA and continuous flow injection sampling   ensure  rapid and accurate sample analysis.saving in   sample  and reagent consumption,

Multi-channel analyzer, support up to 8 channels simultaneous detection, Equipped with the separate detector and independent reaction module for each channel.

Automatic On-line Sample Preparation Module: on-line distillation, on-line UV digestion, on-line extraction, on-line heating, on-line cooling and on-line cadmium  reduction

Advanced online degasser to avoid  bubbles interference.

High sensitivity detector ensure high reproducibility and PPb level detection limit.

Polar auto-sampler with sample rack 160 X 10ml , support double probe injection for sampling .

All analytical methods are accordance with the international standard method EPA/ISO