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Product category:

Trace Total Sulfur/Nitrogen Analyzers.

1.Xplorere TS

2.Xplorer TN

3.Xplorer TN/TS


1.Total Chloride/Chlorine Analyzer  TX

2.Total Sulfur Analyzer TS

3.Total Chloride/Sulfur Analyzer TX/TS


1.Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)


Combustion-Ion Chromatograph:

1.Model XPREP C-IC





TE instruments :Elemental Analyzers for Liquids,Solids,Gas/LPG

Total  Sulfur,Nitrogen & Chloride/chlorine analyzers  in Petroleum,bio-diesel  &  palm oil Industries

Total Trace Sulfur/Nitrogen Analyzer(Liquids,LPG,Gas,Solids) by UV-Flouorescence & Chemiluminescence Detectors:
Total Trace Nitrogen and Total Trace Sulfur combustion analyzer, offering fast, accurate and precise analysis of liquids, LPG’s, gas and solids. This brand new model is designed to offer standardized...
Price: On request  
Microcoulometry is the reference method for the determination of total organic halogen content in AOX, TOX, POX and EOX samples.Compliance and Regulations AOX/TOX - DIN 38409 part 14 - DIN 38414 part...
Price: On request
Full range AOX, TOX, POX and EOX instruments for the modern Environmental Laboratory




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Certified Reference Materials from DCG

Certified Reference Materials for Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids


Natural Gas Liquids Standards   

Hexanes Plus Fraction

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Standards     

Total Sulfur Standards   

Oxygen in Nitrogen or Helium  

Low Level Oxygenate Standard   etc

Premier global manufacturer of certified reference materials

  • Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)
  • GC and GC-MS
  • Trace Elemental & Combustion
  • ED-XRF

Certified Reference Materials for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA)

Certified Reference Materials for Refineries

Total Sulfur Standards 

Total Organic Nitrogen Standards 

Speciated Organic Nitrogen Standards 

Low Level Oxygenate Standard   etc

Original consumables & Parts made in netherlands for thermo-euroglas Model ECS1000,ecs2000,ECS1200,ECS3000,tn/ts3000,sphincx,hipertoc and xvi+ : 


Original consumables & Parts made in Netherlands for Thermo-EuroGlas  Model ECS1000, ECS2000, ECS1200, ECS3000, TN/TS3000, SphiNCX, HiPerTOC and XVI+  :more

TE Product Code     Product code     Description
    CON100000                                      Furnace tube universal
    CON100100                                      Slider boat AOX, cups & frits
    CON100200                                      Shutter O-ring, C CR F 47,5x36,5x4
    CON100300    PPTRE0012            Activated carbon AOX column, 50 gr
    CON100400    PPTRE0020            Micro-columns filled, 100 pieces
    CON100500                                     Quartzfrit Xplorer, 3 pcs
    CON100600                                     Quartzfrit Xplorer, 30 pcs
    CON100700    PPTRE0049            Activated carbon AOX batch, 50 gr